Thank you for your booking which has been made via person/ telephone / email. Each booking is provisional for the first 72 hours and can be cancelled by either party within this time. Following this the booking turns into a confirmed booking and is subject to cancellation terms as stated below. Casey’s Mobile Bar often provide a FREE bar hire which can only be sustained by customers following the terms and conditions set out below. If you can not meet the below terms and conditions you should agree with Casey’s Bar an alternative or acceptance to the said term. You should ask for this and receive the agreement in via email within the 72 hour window. EG no water on site point 2 maybe Casey’s Bar may agree to bring water to venue with them.

Terms & Conditions:

1)A Power Point must be supplied at the venue.

2) Water for washing up etc must be available from a source within walking distance this can be an indoor or outdoor source.

3) Casey’s Bar will provide the license where required please ensure full details of premises including postcode is provided 1 month in advance if not already done so upon booking. This includes any change of venue if required.

4) Information on Location of Bar is required and any access issues including steps or stairs.

5) If the Bar is required for over 4 hours please ensure food is provided for our staff.

6) Casey’s Bar to provide all drinks at venue* 6b)If you require to provide any drinks Casey’s will require the bar take to guarantee or meet £1000 any shortfall must be covered by the hirer. This must be agreed in advanced and credit card details we be obtained to secure.

7) Guests Must Not bring in any drinks to the event one warning will be given to remove if after that guests do not adhere the hirer will be charged a minimum of £150.

8) Minimum numbers of guests as on initial emailed offer must be met. Otherwise there will be a charge of £150 per 20% below.

9) Although Casey’s Bar may apply for the license we would ask the event organizer to be responsible for guests behavior. Any violence or abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated. In extreme cases were reserve the right to stop serving altogether.

10) In event of natural disaster, adverse weather conditions or traffic incidents Casey’s can not be sued for late arrival or non attendance.
•Indicates a £150 charge will be made for breaking terms 6, 7 and for each 20% below agreed numbers if term 8 broken.
•Numbers of guests is based on head counts performed by bar staff during event at specified times on report sheet.

Cancellation Terms:

If cancelled within 72 hours of booking = no cancellation fee

If cancelled no later than 2 months prior to event = £150 cancellation fee

If cancelled less than two months but more than one month prior to event = 25% predicted income or £250 whichever is greater

If cancelled less than one month but more than 14 days prior to event = 50% predicted income

If cancelled less than 14 days but more than 7 days prior to event = 75% predicted income

If cancelled less than 7 days but more than 24 hours prior to event =90% predicted income

If fail to cancel or cancel within 24 hours of event = 100% predicted income & costs incurred Predicted income based on a profit expectancy of £12.50 per adult and £4.50 per child.