Expensive Taste at an Affordable Price!


Our Casino theme takes you and your guests to a night in Las Vegas!

Can Include:

Over-sized playing cards inc Arch, Banners, 2 types of CASINO letterering, Over-sized Dice with Floor/Table Stands, Oversized Suit Cut-outs, Black block Archway with lighting, Red Carpet and Roulette Backdrop.

Does Not include Casino play tables (e.g. Roulette) or Checkered Dance Floor.


This attractive theme is guaranteed to make you feel like a Celebrity!

Can Include:

Over-sized Oscars Men, Banners, Over-sized Film Reels, Clapperboards with Table Stands/Vases plus huge photobooth Clapperboard, Over-sized Star Cut-outs, Black block Archway with lighting, Red Carpet, Rope Barriers and Hollywood Backdrop.


Our fun 80’s props will brighten up any event.

Can Include:

Pac-Man and Ghosts, Banners, Rubix Cubes, Dice, Floor and Table stands, Colourful Decorations, Fancy Dress for Staff, Vinyl Record Cut-outs, and 80’s Backdrop.

Glitter Ball:

Our dazzling scenery will make your party SPARKLE.

Can Include:

Massive Hanging Glitterballs with Stands, Banners, Smaller Table Glitterballs, Vases/Stands, Decorative Sashes, Over-sized Star Cut-outs, Black block Archway, Red Carpet, Rope Barriers and Backdrop.


Taking you back back in time to the 1940’s.

Can Include:

Camouflage Netting, Large British Flags and Bunting, Sandbags, Vases, Decorative Sashes, Hand-held flags, Staff in Fancy Dress, General Relevant Props and British Backdrop.


Alpine: Winer wonderland themed bar with staff in fancy dress “Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo”.

Mascarade: Classic Bar with Masked Staff.

Or, if you have your own ideas of a theme you would like, let us know! We have an outstanding collection of props and we are more than happy to cater to new ideas.