Any Indoor Bar, Any Size… We’re made to fit!

Casey’s Mobile Bars have been designed with small tight-fitting areas in mind but they are also able to be extended to any length! We can build our stylish bars inside any venue, making it perfect for your celebration.

The types of Indoor bars we offer:

Black Mirror Bar
Long Bar
White Vintage Bar

Hatch Bar

Take a look below at our Luxury bars in more detail!

Black Mirror Bar:

Our CLASSIC style Black Mirror bars are perfect for any occassion!

Our Black Mirrored bars are Casey’s original bar design. These bars come in either 1,2 or 3 seperate bars that are added toegther to create a standard size bar or to fit into smaller spaces!

These are designed to feature Mirrored fronts and back bar with “Hollywood” lighting.


Long Bar:

Our CLASSIC style Black Mirror bars can be extended to create one fantastic Long Bar!

We have used our original Black Mirrored bars but added them all together to create some magnificently long bars! The aim of these bars is to fill large areas and are used at some of our busiest events so that more staff can fit behind them to serve more customers.

These are designed to feature Mirrored fronts and back bar with “Hollywood” lighting.


White Vintage Bar:

Our NEW style White Vintage bars are perfect for that touch of class!

With these bars, we have taken the same original layout as our Black Small/Black Long bars – Mirrored fronts and back bar with “Hollywood” lighting but, we have also added the bonus of White marble bar tops, cut-out Love Heart kickboards and shabby chic accessories to match.

This bar is perfect for Wedding Receptions and is sure to wow your guests!

Hatch Bar:

Our Hatch bars means that we can set up absolutely anywhere!

Our easily dismantled Mobile bars means that we can take apart our bars and use different items from them as and when a venue requires us to. A hatch bar is our easiest form of Mobile bar. As long as a venue has a workable opening hatch or counter top, Casey’s can create a smart bar space by using what is already there and bringing the rest!

This bar can come with our beautiful Mirrored Back bar and “Hollywood” lighting.

To book a Mobile Bar please send your Enquiry to:
or Call our Office on 01952 606588

(When sending an Enquiry please enclose full information of event/venue and your Contact Details)